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Google - THE search engine


Google News - Self updating news

Digg - Like crack for information and news junkies

Slashdot - Geek tech news

Pitchfork Media - Breaking music news

The Memory Hole - Devoted to the retrieval and dissemination of suppressed information


Cockeyed - The best website in existence. You will spend hours here.

Jerkcity - My favorite webcomic. really funny, yet odd(mature content)

Leisuretown - Don't be fooled by the look of the comic. Just read it.

X-Entertainment - Transformers, pokemon, nasty food. Matt has the best rants

Milk and Cookies - Great place for games and cool stuff to waste time on.

The Parking Lot is Full - Strange yet satisfying comics.

Blog Sites

Boing Boing - Blogified news and pop culture digital news

The Red Ferret Journal - Tech toys blog

J-Walk Blog - Stuff that may or may not interest you

Cardhouse - Strange news, observations and candy cigarettes

The Girl Who Ate Everything - She does

Lifehacker - Tips and tricks for the game of life

You want some pics?

Picture Index of AA players

Old Mudhaus Webcam Archive

KC Trip/Laud Wedding Pics

Thanksgiving Gathering, Portales, NM 1998

Random Assortment of Old and New Pix

More Random Pics

More Mudders! More Blasphemy! More Caliban with beer!

Kender, Various Mudders, a special surprise on the last page!

Random pictures, Buffalo 2002 Thanksgiving pics.

Even More AA Player Pictures, Raven and the Mudhaus.